Statement of Purpose Writing Tips: Secrets You Must Know Today!

If you search for “Statement of Purpose tips” on Google search you will turn up more than 19 million results. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there will be over 20 million students attending college or university in the US; which means a huge number of statements of purpose to be written. Your personal statement must be effective, however; according to UCAS in the UK, there were more than 25% of applicants that simply did not get placed.

The good statement of purpose writing tips are an excellent way to get an understanding of what you need to write and to help you to produce something that is going to get you noticed. After all the personal statement, admission essay or statement of purpose will often be the only thing within your application that you have control over through which you can stand out. Knowing everything from “how long should my statement of purpose be?” through to what should be covered is vital if you want to win a place.

statement of purpose structureOur SoP professional writers have been helping applicants for many years through our online statement writing services. Our staff has all of the experience and skills required to help you to craft that highly engaging statement that will help you to create something that will be truly memorable. Through our services, you can also access all of the tips and samples that you need to improve your writing and get that all important acceptance letter.

What to Avoid in Your Well Written Statement of Purpose

Knowing how to write a great statement of purpose often means understanding what you really should not do. After all, if your audience is going to be reading hundreds of statements if you produce the same monotonous writing that is full of clichés and other issues then you are simply never going to be considered for a place. The following are some examples of what you must not put within your writing if you want your application to be considered:

  • Clichés: “From a young age I have always been…” was used as the opening of some 1,770 student’s statements submitted in a single year through UCAS. Closely followed by “I am applying for this course because…” and “For as long as I can remember I have…” Clichés are highly overused phrases that are simply no longer effective. As soon as the committee members see a cliché you can be pretty sure that they will simply switch off and move on to the next application. Ensure that you avoid all clichés within your writing, it must be completely unique to you.
  • Unproven claims: so you have “great leadership skills” and are “highly motivated”. Just saying it means nothing. Where are the solid achievements behind those claims? You need to show what you are capable of by providing clear and if possible quantifiable examples of what you have done. So show how you used your leadership skills and what the outcome was.
  • Using quotations: With maybe just 500 words to use they are expecting them all to be your own. They do not want to read another quote from Muhammed Ali, or Bill Gates. They want to understand how you think and what you can achieve and will not want to read the words of others.
  • Irrelevant information: is writing about that amazing school trip that you had in year 2 or about your passion for stamp collecting really going to help you to get placed on an MBA course? Almost certainly not. Always ensure that what you write is relevant to what you are hoping to do. If it is not 100% relevant to your application then it should be cut from your statement.
  • Not answering the statement of purpose prompts: often students get so caught up in trying to make themselves look good and providing the committee with what they think they want to see they actually forget to answer what the essay should be about. Always ensure that the essay prompt is fully and clearly answered within your statement.
  • Plagiarism and lies: Simply copying what others have written and claiming it as your own or exaggerating your own capabilities is not going to get you into the course you are aiming for. Your writing must be unique to you and totally honest in all ways.

The Best Statement of Purpose Writing Tips

Our tips for writing a statement of purpose will help to ensure that your application will get you noticed for all of the right reasons. We know just what it takes to write something that will impress the reader. Follow our professional statement of purpose guidelines below so that you produce something that you can be proud of:

  • Always review the specific requirements of the course that you are applying to and identify what they really want in a student. Tailor your statement to reflect what they want to see rather than using one that is generically written for all.
  • Work hard on your opening line. This is your hook and like a magazine or news article, it must be able to generate interest in the reader and make them want to read more. Avoid all clichés and try to come up with something totally unique to you.
  • Tell a good story about yourself; you want to impress with your writing, not simply create another version of your resume. Use a good anecdote that you can use to form a clear and meaningful storyline for your writing.
  • Use words that everyone can understand; avoid all usages of slang and text speak. Also, avoid any acronyms or fancy words that you would never use in everyday speech.
  • Always review your writing and proofread it so that there are no errors in your writing. Any issues could see your statement being simply dismissed.

This short piece of advice from Georgetown University should be kept in mind when you do your writing:

“The role of the admissions advisor is to assemble a talented group of students with diverse life experiences and strong academic and professional credentials. Your job is to help them do it.”

We Can Help with Your Outstanding Statement of Purpose

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Follow all of our professional statement of purpose writing tips or contact our specialists to get the help that you need for your successful application!