Medical School Statement of Purpose

medical school statement of purposeMedical application essay is not an easy task to carry out, especially if you lack qualified and experienced SoP writers and editors, and, most importantly, time.  Not every personal statement guarantees you admission! According to the surveys carried out by US News the average acceptance rate for the 118 ranked medical schools was just 5.8%. The most selective college the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine in Minnesota accepted only 86 applicants from a whopping 4,802 applicants which is just 1.8%. So as you can see your medical school statement of purpose has got to be perfectly written if you are going to study medicine.

Knowing how to write a good statement of purpose medical school that is going to make you stand out, however, is far from simple. Most applicants will struggle and many are going to be disappointed and will not gain a place at all. So often it is best to seek out professional support with your writing so that you can get a real edge over your competitors.

We offer our support to qualified and experienced SoP writers that have the skills and knowledge required to help you to apply to medical school. No matter what level you are applying at we will be able to offer you the support of an expert in your field of application so that you will be working with someone that fully understands your submission. Just as we would supply you with a computing graduate for your statement of purpose computer science we will always ensure that you are working with a highly qualified individual with a medical postgraduate degree.

Where Should You Apply for Your Medical Training?

If you are going to go to medical school then it is often best to apply for the best that is out there to improve your future chances and earning potential. Of course, you may also want to modify your decisions based on the specialties that you wish to follow and many other factors. The following are generally considered to be the top medical schools and universities at which you could study:

  1. Harvard University – US
  2. University of Oxford – UK
  3. University of Cambridge – UK
  4. John Hopkins University – US
  5. Stanford University – US
  6. Karolinska Institute – Sweden
  7. University of California Los Angeles – US
  8. Yale University – US
  9. University College London – UK
  10. University of California San Francisco – US

Writing an Effective Medical School Statement of Purpose

Applying to medical school in the US is usually done through the American Medical College Application Service or AMCAS. This provides you with a single portal through which you can make your applications and where you can upload all of your data. This includes where you will upload your personal statement or statement of purpose.

The following are some things to consider when writing your SoP for AMCAS:

  • The length is a maximum of 5,300 characters which is a single page in length
  • You should make your essay highly personal, it needs to reflect you
  • Don’t talk about early childhood experiences, try to stay relevant and current
  • Don’t use clichés such as “I have always wanted to help people…”
  • Use examples to demonstrate what you are capable of
  • Tell a relevant story about yourself, do not simply rehash your resume

The following piece of advice from Yale college can help you with your writing:

“What you need to do is figure out how to say what drives you to want to become a healthcare professional in as specific a way as possible. The more specific you can be, the more the admissions committee will feel as if they have a sense of who you are.”

Review Our Medical Statement of Purpose Samples

stanford med mba statement of purposeWhether you are looking for a Harvard med school statement of purpose example or a more general example of SoP writing then our experts can help you. Through our site and elsewhere you will be able to view many med school statement of purpose examples. These will often discuss individuals experiences with healthcare systems and their own counseling and treatment through to their opinions of the prevention of disease and alternative methods for treating various conditions. These examples are perfect to show you the style of writing that needs to be used as well as the sorts of areas that you will need to cover.

Your personal SoP, however, will need to be totally unique to you. You need to find your own angle of approach for your writing to provide the reader with something that is engaging, attention-grabbing and of course unique and about you. You must not simply copy anything that you see within any medical school statement of purpose samples.

We Can Support Your Statement of Purpose Writing for Med School

professional sop for med schoolIf you need a Stanford med MBA statement of purpose you will not simply need the help of just any writer. This is a highly competitive area in which to win a place and as such your statement of purpose must really be outstanding. Our team has many years of experience with writing medical school SoPs and fully understand what the different committees are looking for. Your expert will be carefully selected so that you are working with a specialist that has the language and writing skills as well as the qualifications to help you.

Our experts fully understand the correct statement of purpose format medical school to use and the style of writing to be employed to get you noticed. They work directly with you to be able to craft a statement that is going to be clear about you while showing that you meet the expectations of the program that you are applying to.

All writing is done to a high standard from scratch with absolutely no possibility of any copying. If you wish for any changes then our expert continues to work with you offering unlimited revisions to your statement until you are fully satisfied and can confidently submit your SoP.

Why Work with Our Expert Services for Your SoP

We have successfully helped many students over several years through our highly professional services and we are confident that we can maximize your chances of being successful with your application. Through us you will always work with highly qualified medical professionals that fully understand the application process and requirements. Not only that you also get:

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Write the most effective medical school statement of purpose with the help and support of our highly specialized and very committed SoP writing services!