How to Format Statement of Purpose Correctly

Getting into the right college and getting to study the right course for you is not an easy task. Applications are highly competitive and you may be surprised just how few many colleges will accept. According to college acceptance league tables colleges such as the Alice Lloyd College and Curtis Institute of Music will admit just 4% of those applying. While Yale and Columbia will accept a measly 6%.

Knowing how to format statement of purpose essays is as important as every other part of your application writing. Often the statement of purpose is your only way of showing how different you are and how you are the best possible choice for a place. So it is vital that you take great care with your writing and choice of format for SoP writing.

Our highly specialized SoP writing services can help you with everything from your formatting through to how to end a statement of purpose to make it effective. We provide you with help and advice that comes from highly qualified and very experienced experts that will only work within the areas in which they are fully qualified.

good sop structureHow to Format Statement of Purpose for Your Application

The format for SoP writing will very much depend on how and where you are applying. Many colleges today will use the Common Application or the Coalition Application. While some college will require you to apply directly using their specific requirements. If you are applying through the Common App in the US or even the UCAS system in the UK you will be required to submit your statement of purpose electronically through their system. So, on the whole, most of the formatting is taken care of and you will not be able to physically exceed their word count.

For colleges and universities where you are able to apply directly however you will often find that the formatting requirements are not always clearly defined. If they are however you must ensure that you fully comply with criteria that they lay down.

In general however you should consider all of the following for a standard SoP format:

  • Use clear margins on all sides of at least 1” to give the paper a clean look.
  • Choose fonts in the right size with care such as Arial or Times New Roman in 12pt. Do not use unusual fonts or smaller sizes as some may find them difficult to read and your page will simply be dismissed.
  • If no word count is specified then restrict your writing to just one or two pages at the most. Excessively long SoPs will simply not get read as the committee will not want to spend extra time on just one applicant.
  • Statement of purpose title format; center your title and use bold to make it stand out. Do not make it excessively big or use a different font. Ensure that your title is descriptive not just “SoP of…”
  • Use the statement of purpose heading format to put your name and the course that you are applying to clearly in the header bar.
  • Do not use excessive amounts of bold, italics or underlining within your writing. Make your words speak for themselves and do not confuse the reader with the unnecessary formatting of your text.
  • Never decorate your statement or use borders, you want the reader to read what you have written not admire your artwork.

Programs are looking for capable students no matter what level you are applying at and as the California Institute of Technology says:

“Graduate schools and competitive undergraduate programs want students who are able to think clearly, without confusion. The statement of purpose will demonstrate, fortunately or unfortunately, whether you possess that quality. When one reads a proposal that is poorly organized, filled with EXTRANEOUS details, and foggily focused, one gets the immediate impression that the mind that produced such confusion can never be disciplined enough to regard facts objectively and present them logically.”

Problems with Uploading Your Format of SoP Electronically

Most students when writing for the common application or one of the many other routes that require your statement to be uploaded will start by writing their essay on their own computer. While this allows you to arrange carefully your page and to format your text this is often lost when you upload it into their system. Great care should be taken to review the information that you have copy and pasted into the electronic system.

Indenting and another formatting will often be changed and unusual characters or fonts can cause some real problems. It is always best to copy and paste from software such as Notepad or TextEdit where there is no formatting. Then use careful SoP editing to review what you have pasted in so that you can make sure that your paragraphs are organized correctly as well as things such as your use of bold or italics.

We Can Help with Your Format for SoP Submission

Whether you are applying directly to college or university or using one of the many centralized systems from UCAS to ERAS our services can help you. Our experts fully understand all of the requirements placed upon you and can help to ensure that all aspects of your writing from your wording to your formatting are done perfectly. We offer fully guaranteed services and can always deliver unique and perfectly error free work at all times.

If you are not sure how to format statement of purpose pages just get in touch with our specialists here today for effective support!