Discover How Long Should My Statement of Purpose Be

Many students will ask how long should my statement of purpose be? After all, you want to make a great impression with the committee that will be reading it and to be able to sell yourself to them in a way that allows them to see just what a great match you are to their course. But writing something too short or too long could simply lose you that opportunity to study with them, that is why you need to be ready to ask someone: “proofread my statement of purpose“.  It won’t take long, but it will significantly improve your admission chances.

Almost every program that you will be able to apply to will be oversubscribed and you will have to make yourself stand out through your application. Often this means writing a statement of purpose or personal statement that will get you noticed. But writing something capable of selling you in a short piece of writing is not going to be easy. Many may be tempted to write a full thesis as to why they should be accepted; this can be a big mistake.

On the whole, most requirements will specify something between one or two pages. Although there are a few colleges that make no stipulation at all. You must, however, remember that the committee that will be deciding who should be accepted could be reviewing hundreds if not even thousands of SoPs so if yours runs on for page after page do you really think that they will take the time to read the whole thing?

professional service for sop editingHow Long Should My Statement of Purpose Be?

Knowing how many pages should a statement of purpose be is very important if you don’t want to submit something that fails to meet the committee’s expectations. If you look at an MBA statement of purpose sample online it will typically be a one-page statement of purpose. This is because you really do not want to overload the reader as they are simply not going to spend extra time on something that goes on for many pages.

If you want to know how long is a statement of purpose for your application you really do need to check with the college or program that you are applying to for a definitive answer. The following, however, are some common expectations for length of statement of purpose for specific types of application:

  • Common Application essay: 250 words to 650 words maximum
  • Coalition Application SoP: Between 300 and 550 words in length
  • Universal Application personal statement: Maximum 650 words
  • UCAS personal statement length: 4000 characters or 47 lines
  • ERAS SoP Length: 28,000 characters including spaces and punctuation
  • AMCAS statement of purpose length: 5300 characters

What Should You Do If You Exceed the General SoP Length?

Most students when they start writing their statement will find that they quickly exceed their allowed word count. Which is why the average length of a statement of purpose is often just a little short of the maximum allowed. You will often find that you will have to do several iterations of your statement until you finally manage to get it to say what you want within the required word count for your application.

Getting the length of your writing reduced, however, is not always simple and the following tips will help you with reducing the length of your initial drafts:

  • Start by reviewing all of the points that you have raised; do they all actually add to your quest to be accepted? If they do not simply remove them from your statement.
  • Have you repeated information that is already included in your application? Talking about your grades or something else that is already detailed elsewhere within your application is unnecessary.
  • Remove all of the adverbs that you have used; words such as really and hopefully can all come out without affecting your writing too much.
  • Remove any helping verbs such as “will be visiting the UK” becomes “Will visit the UK.”
  • Replace any “to be verbs”; So “I am an avid reader” becomes “I read avidly.”
  • Use verbs where you have placed nouns; so “I reached the conclusion that…” becomes “I concluded that…”

How Can You Extend Your Statement of Purpose?

While some students will take the risky route of submitting one line “accept me” style SoP or even write a simple Haiku this is not a recommended ploy and will more often than not simply backfire on you. You want to impress the reader within your SoP and provide them with the information that they need to see you as a perfect fit. Typically this will usually take at least a page of writing and if you have not achieved this you should be asking yourself what have you missed.

The following are some tips to help you lengthen your SoP in a way that is actually going to add some value to your writing. We would not recommend simply adding filler or repeating yourself simply to increase your word count. If something does not add any value then it really should not be in your writing. The following tips will help you with lengthening your statement:

  • Have you actually answered the prompt that you were set for the essay?
  • Have you explained how you became interested in your chosen subject area?
  • Have you shown what you have undertaken already to pursue those interests?
  • Did you explain where you see your studies taking you in the next 5 to 10 years?
  • Have you discussed what makes you suited to study in this area?
  • Have you reviewed what their requirements are for a student and shown that you are an excellent match?
  • Have you explained why you are applying to their program and not any other?

All of the above are worth a few sentences each and will be required to show the information that the committee will be seeking to understand about you. You can also add extra lines by adapting to different schools that you are applying to and even adding your academic objectives.

The following video from UCAS gives good advice on covering everything that you need to show within your SoP:

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